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The Nutrition Minute

Building a healthy lifestyle, one minute at a time.

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The Nutrition Minute


Diets can be quite frustrating, don't you think? It's not realistic to expect anyone to stick to a strict diet forever, just like you can't be on a never-ending vacation. There's a time and place for diets, but they shouldn't control your entire life.

Think about those fun summer barbeques, weddings, and special occasions. It's disheartening when you can't enjoy the delicious food or fully embrace the celebration without feeling guilty about "cheating" on your diet.

That's why we created The Nutrition Minute. It's not just another diet program; it's a comprehensive approach to nutrition that focuses on helping you build a healthy lifestyle you can actually sustain for the long haul. Our program teaches you how to break free from the dieting mentality and instead work on improving your overall health from within, without resorting to extreme measures. So you can savor those special moments without any lingering guilt about your food choices.

Each week, your coach will send you 


A weekly text with a habit to work on for that week

Don't get stressed about what you should work on. Be directed by your coach with habits that will get you to your goals


Nutrition Education helping you make better choices 

Receive weekly emails with helpful tips and strategies for eating healthy and maintaining a balanced diet.


Zoom link to a weekly Q&A 

Get all your questions answered with a weekly zoom call. 


I'm Esther

Diets aren't a sustainable solution for long-term health. That's why I created The Nutrition Minute - a bite size nutrition  program that teaches you how to live a healthy lifestyle without restrictive diets. Join us today and start your journey towards better health!

I am a Nutrition Coach, dedicated to helping you create a sustainable lifestyle that works!

What People Say

I lost over 10lbs just by being mindful and learning how to eat healthier and make better decisions.

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